Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) For Startups

Posted on May 20, 2015 |  


Blue ocean means an untapped, not ventured, competitor free market space. It is also a highly profitable growth, by expanding industry boundaries. It is to launch a completely new industries, and company’s activities are in pursuit of differentiation and low cost. Blue ocean creates and captures new demand. Some examples of blue ocean strategy companies are like Southwest Airlines, Cirque Du Soleil, The Body Shop and Nintendo.

The four principles of blue ocean strategy are:

  1. Differentiation and low cost (value innovation)
  2. Emphasis is on demand side.
  3. Create own uncontested market space.
  4. Create and capture new demand
While, red ocean are traditional competition based strategy, which are not sufficient to sustain high performance.

Key takeaways:

  • Value Innovation: Differentiation And Low Cost
  • Create & Capture New Demand
  • To be exposed to selected BOS tool (the “as is” strategy canvas)

About the Speaker

Raj Kumar is the Vice President of Global Consulting at the UCSI Consulting Group, the leading authority on Blue Ocean Strategy in Asia Pacific.

He has been a certified Blue Ocean Strategist for over five years and has successfully deployed and implemented Blue Ocean Strategy in many large and listed local companies, international corporations, billion-dollar conglomerates and government-linked enterprises.

In 2010, Raj was handpicked to embark on the Economic Transformation Programme led by the Performance Management Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), where he contributed to writing part of the blue print for Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Roadmap.

He was also appointed as the head business coach for the renowned Alliance Bank BizSmart SME Challenge in Malaysia in 2013.

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