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 Course Summary

If you are new to Google AdWords or would like to refresh your fundamentals knowledge, this course is for you. The course will explain how AdWords works and show you how to structure a campaign from start to finish. There will be real-world examples shown to help students better understand the course.

 Course Outline

  1. How the AdWords ad auction works and how it is different from the organic search results
  2. Structuring your campaigns and ad groups for success
  3. Learn the difference between ad position and Ad Rank
  4. Understand the importance of Quality Score and the factors that can influence it
  5. Learn the various bidden g methods available and when to use them to meet your goals
  6. How to build a keyword list for your campaigns
  7. Discover keyword matching options that can influence your campaigns
  8. Get tips on writing enticing advertisements that will stand out from the crowd
  9. How to track your conversions and measure the ROI
  10. Strategies to adopt when advertising on a limited budget

 Course Details

 Session 1
  1. Understand the basics of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Google AdWords
  2. The Google Network components and how they are different from one another
  3. Basic structure the AdWords account, campaigns and ad groups to position yourself for success
  4. Understand how the auction works
  5. Find out the importance of Quality Score in an auction and what can influence it
  6. How an advertisement position is determined
Session 2
  1. Learn the various bidding options available in AdWords
  2. Discover how advertisement copies are written to entice the audience
  3. Learn how to research for keywords using the Keyword Planner
  4. Find out how the different keyword match types work
  5. Discover the various targeting methods when setting up campaigns
  6. Learn how to specifically target your ads to specific locations and how to exclude locations
Session 3
  1. Google Display Network (GDN) Advertising Basic
  2. Targeting methods for GDN
  3. Creating ads with GDN
  4. Ad formats with GDN
  5. Using the Ad Gallery
Session 4
  1. Using the display ad planner
  2. Youtube Video Ads
  3. Targeting methods in GDN
Session 5
  1. Discover how to set up goals and e-commerce
  2. Learn how to collect campaign data
  3. Discover how to use the URL builder to create manual tags
  4. Learn to be familiar with the standard report layout
  5. Learn how to use Audience reports for new audience targeting opportunities
Session 6
  1. Discover how Acquisition reports can be used for campaign optimization
  2. Learn basic campaign optimization opportunities that can be found in the AdWords reports
  3. Understand the Behaviour reports
  4. Learn how to create custom reports and dashboards
  5. Understand the difference between the Goals reports and Multi-Channel Funnels reports

Who should attend?

 This course is for new and intermediate AdWords advertisers who would like to strengthen their foundation and be exposed to the AdWords platform. Tips and optimization strategies will also be shared by the trainers based on their experience in running AdWords campaigns.

Event Details

 Session 1 : 17 October 2015, 2pm – 6pm

Session 2 : 31 October 2015, 2pm – 6pm

Session 3 : 14 November 2015, 2pm – 6pm

Session 4 : 28 November 2015, 2pm – 6pm

Session 5 : 5 December 2015, 2pm – 6pm

Session 6 : 19 December 2015, 2pm – 6pm


1:45am – Registration

2:00pm – Session Starts

6:00pm – Session ends

About the Speaker

Over 12 years in Online Media Industry, Adwords Certification Trainer SEA, Google Analytics Certified Individual. Tzu Ming is also a Google Classroom Trainer for Analytics & Adwords. Runs Google Analytics and Adwords Certified Partner Company. He is also the Founder & Director atFounder Institute KL.
Jason Khaw runs a digital marketing agency which focuses on search engine, social media, content & location based marketing. His first introduction to search engine marketing (SEM) was 10 years ago and today he is a certified Google Adwords & Analytics Individual, Bing & Hootsuite Certified Professional.

Jason has used his passion & experience in developing, implementing, managing & optimising online marketing campaigns to help small businesses and publicly listed companies. The companies that he works with span several industries including f&b, retail, entertainment and fast moving consumer goods.

He holds a BA (Hons) in Business with Marketing from Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom and has been a recipient of several awards including winning the MIMS-MIM Management Competition organised by the Malaysian Institute of Management along with his team.


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