The Arc Of An Idea Series

Posted on August 10, 2015 |  


 This workshop will provide a series of lectures which will encompass the entire life cycle of a start-up in Malaysia, This would include, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slides, case studies, and question and answer sessions.

Course Details

Session 1 : The Arc of an Idea
  1. An overview of the law in relation to entrepreneurship
Session 2 : What the law can protect and what the law cannot protect
  1. What is intellectual property?
  2. When can an idea be protected?
  3. Types of protection available
  4. What if the law does not give protection?

Session 3 : Ownership of an Idea

  1. Who can own an idea?
  2. The need for a vehicle
  3. Sharing in ownership

Session 4 : Financing

  1. Types of financing and the implications
  2. The idea as collateral
  3. The debt-financing and capital financing
  4. Discharging the debt
 Session 5 : Joint Ventures
  1. Types of joint ventures
  2. Common pitfalls in JVs
  3. When is a JV not a JV?

Session 6 : Contracts

  1. What is a contract?
  2. Typical contracts in entrepreneurship
  3. One Size does not fit all – weighing cost against risk

Event Schedule

  1. Session 1 : 3 October 2015, 9am-1pm
  2. Session 2 : 5  December 2015, 2pm-6pm
  3. Session 3 : 31 October 2015, 9am-1pm
  4. Session 4 : 14 November 2015, 9am-1pm
  5. Session 5 : 28 November 2015, 9am-1pm
  6. Session 6 : 5 December 2015, 9am-1pm

About the Speaker

Paul P. Subramaniam is the Head of Risk, Knowledge Management & Training of ZICO Holdings Inc. He practiced as a litigation lawyer for 22 years, being involved in several significant cases. Paul now keeps the lawyers and partners updated as to changes in the law and industry which would impact our clients. He also serves as editor of our publications to our clients. In addition, Paul manages a Knowledge Database and also a Precedent Bank, to ensure best practices are undertaken in the firm.

In his role as Training Partner, he arranges training sessions for ZICO Holdings Inc lawyers and staff that they are equipped not just with the law but with the skills necessary to serve their client’s interests. He also arranges Seminars and talks for the firm’s clients and is in frequent demand as a speakers presenter or panelist on a range of topics both legal and non-legal.

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