21 - 24 SEP 2016 | MAGIC CYBERJAYA



Bringing together serial entrepreneurs, founders, philanthropists and startup enthusiasts from across the globe, MA2016 brings you South East Asia’s most intimate and exciting symposium!



Adriana Gascoigne

CEO & Founder, Girls in Tech

Jamie Green

Founder, One Night Stand


Fadzarudin Anuar

Co-founder, FashionValet

Eric Kaduru

Founder, Kad Africa


Joe Flizzow

Artist & Entrepreneur

Tobias Gould

Founder & Partner, Jerry Bottle



Artist & Entrepreneur

Antonio "Tony" Meloto

Founder, Gawad Kalinga


Novita Jong

Senior Sales Lead APAC, Twitter


Learn from renowned serial entrepreneurs as they share their core knowledge, wisdom, strategy and tactics in a startup's lifecycle. Gain new perspective and discover emerging trends required to accelerate and sustain growth!
Gain invaluable insights from global and regional social entrepreneurs as they share their entrepreneurial journey, and educate you on essential aspects of driving a social enterprise. Sharpen your technical skills and acumen to multiply your social enterprise's impact and performance and connect with like-minded people for continuous improvement and learning.


The Role Large Corporations are Playing in The Startup Ecosystem

Praveen heads up Digi-X, a brand new innovation unit within Digi that aims to imagine, create and grow compelling digital services and businesses beyond the traditional telco. Digi-X also leads the company’s efforts to incubate, accelerate, invest and acquire startups in Malaysia. Praveen is enthusiastic about democratising technology which explains his ongoing fascination for all things digital, having spent more than 15 years in the internet and mobile industries. He joined Digi in 2007 and was appointed Chief Digital Officer on 1 June 2016. Prior to Digi, he co-founded a social networking startup called LifeLogger in 2003, where he served as the Chief Technology Officer.

Praveen Rajan (COO,Digi-X)

Against All Odds: Taking the Unconventional Path to Impact

Deserted by his family and ostracised by his village, Arunachalam went on to re-engineer the sanitary napkin machine and eventually made Time Magazine's list of 100 Most Influential People in 2014 for rehabilitating the well-being and economies of the women in India. Find out how he multiplied impact without commercialising the business.

Arunachalam Muruganantham Founder, Jayaashree Industries India

The Ultimate Startup Marketing Strategy

With over 15 years of experience in Technology and Digital Marketing fields, Novita, a social media solutions evangelist, has consulted with startups and businesses to help them achieve their marketing and business objectives. She currently serves as sales lead for Twitter in SEA.

Novita Jong Senior Sales Lead APAC, Twitter

Sleeping Your Way to the Top!

Your team and those you partner with can make or break your SE. Jamie educates you on how to learn from failure and create shared valued partnerships and collaborations for sustained progress, just as he's done for his sleepwear business to mitigate homelessness.

Jamie Green Founder, One Night Stand, Australia

Digital Media: Changing Consumption Behaviour, and How It Affects The Publishing World

Every few years, the internet moves into a new “platform era”. From portals to the open web to social to mobile, each shift is marked by different user behaviors, especially in content discovery and consumption. In this session, we will discuss this accelerating change and how digital creators should be thinking about the future of discovery.

Gary Liu Founder & CEO, Digg

Changing Coordinates: The Need to Pivot

Selling trendy water bottles and funding water projects around the world may seem pretty hip, but it hasn't always been that way for the guys at Jerry Bottle. They have come together from very different backgrounds to collaborate using ‘business model generation’ to find new ways of reaching customers. This experiential learning in pivoting is something you shouldn't miss.

Harun Master & Tobias Gould Co-Founders, Jerry Bottle UK

Career Fair
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