Entrepreneurship: A Journey Worth Taking?

Adriana Gascoigne is intimately familiar with the fears, risks and tremendous rewards of taking the leap into entrepreneurship. She’s not only leading a startup; she’s leading a global movement. Adriana is the founder and CEO of Girls in Tech, a global non-profit focused on eradicating gender disparities in the world of startups and high-tech. In “Entrepreneurship: A Journey Worth Taking,” Adriana will share her personal story of being a woman in the startup world and taking the concept of Girls in Tech from a humble networking mixer to a global organization with 60 chapters and more than 40,000 members. She’ll highlight powerful startup case studies and share her go-to apps and tools that empower and enable entrepreneurs across all roles and industries to innovate and execute. And, finally, she’ll share her best advice, and tangible strategies, for taking a startup concept from dream to market.

Adriana Gascoigne (Founder & CEO, Girls In Tech)

How MoneyLion Disrupted the Personal Finance Space in US?

Dee is the CEO and Co-Founder of MoneyLion. Prior to founding the Company in late 2013, Dee spent 11 years on Wall Street, holding various positions at Goldman Sachs, Citadel, and Barclays. Dee focused much of his time advising and investing in financial institutions, tech-enabled lenders, brokers and asset managers. Dee and his co-founders found significant opportunity to create a direct-to-consumer online financial services firm as a result of the confluence of events leading to the US mortgage crisis, which in turn kept banks from providing a full spectrum of consumer finance products directly to consumers. Dee holds an Economics B.A. with Honors from the University of Chicago and participates in various philanthropic activities in New York City, where he lives with his wife and child.

Diwakar Choubey (CEO, MoneyLion)

The Future of Learning

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Rob Castaneda Founder/CEO, ServiceRocket

Turning Social Responsibility Into An Asset.

Take away lessons from a UK social enterprise expert. Your country's economy needs you to solve social problems through entrepreneurial solutions. That's a big challenge but it’s also the reason why you are in business, and can be used to attract talent, partnerships and customers!! Explore your 'how' and 'why' in this interactive workshop.

Tobias Gould Director, Jerry Bottle

How to tell Unforgettable Stories About Your Product?

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Danish Farhan Founder & CEO, Xische & Co

From Inspiration to Innovation - Using empathy to get business results

Axle had an exciting career advancement during his early years while working on two Obama presidential campaigns, and moved on to Entrepreneurship and Innovation projects with the U.S. Department of Energy. He stumbled upon the Open Master’s Program that opened up a whole new world of possibilities for him. After two years of self -taught UX designing skills, he turned down an opportunity at the White house to follow through with an 18 - month research sabbatical in SEA. Axle is now the design lead at Human Inc , specifically focused on strategic R&D, business development and workshop facilitation.

Jerome Axle Brown Design Lead, Human Inc

Making Technology Work Off the Grid and Offline

They innovated technology to bring education to communities in the remotest of areas that have no access to it. This duo will demonstrate how technology can be used offline to provide an effective learning platform.

Kagnarith Chea & Marn Ravy Co-Founders, Edemy, Cambodia

Digital Media: Changing Consumption Behavior & How It Affects The Publishing World

Every few years, the internet moves into a new “platform era”. From portals to the open web to social to mobile, each shift is marked by different user behaviors, especially in content discovery and consumption. In this session, we will discuss this accelerating change and how digital creators should be thinking about the future of discovery.

Gary Liu Founder & CEO, Digg

Mentoring Sessions
Mark your spot for MA2016's mentoring session. Startups will be given an opportunity to interact with our attending speakers and coaches. The mentoring session aims to guide startups to the right direction by strengthening their entrepreneurial skills in various themes.

Investor Speed Dating
Watch this space for speed dating registration.Our team will determine your superpower by matchmaking you with a compatible investor.

From 0 to USD1M in Funding

Ricardo is the Co – founder and CEO of Roger, the first-of-its-kind voice platform, making communication and the technology we use feel closer to real human interaction through voice recognition.Previously he was the founding member of Spotify’s U.S Engingeering team, and led the market growth for Spotify, he was also recognised as one of the top 100 most creative influencers by Fast Company. Andreas Blixt is the Co-Founder and CTO of Roger. Andreas is a widely respected technologists , and started his first Software development company at 18 where he grew up between Sweden, Norway and Spain. And with a passion for developing web games.

Ricardo Vice Santos/Andreas Blixt Co-founders, Roger

Caffeine Fix: Staying High When Things Get Low

Rebecca sets the tone for social entrepreneurs by addressing the critical need for the right mindset and psyche to drive a social enterprise. Check out how she and her team navigate the inevitable challenges in achieving their goals and vision in alleviating youth homelessness.

Rebecca Scott CEO: Streat, Australia

The role large corporations are playing in the startup ecosystem

Praveen heads up Digi-X, a brand new innovation unit within Digi that aims to imagine, create and grow compelling digital services and businesses beyond the traditional telco. Digi-X also leads the company’s efforts to incubate, accelerate, invest and acquire startups in Malaysia. Praveen is enthusiastic about democratising technology which explains his ongoing fascination for all things digital, having spent more than 15 years in the internet and mobile industries. He joined Digi in 2007 and was appointed Chief Digital Officer on 1 June 2016. Prior to Digi, he co-founded a social networking startup called LifeLogger in 2003, where he served as the Chief Technology Officer.

Praveen Rajan CDO, Digi-X

Sleeping Your Way to the Top!

Your team and those you partner with can make or break your SE. Jamie educates you on how to learn from failure and create shared valued partnerships and collaborations for sustained progress, just as he's done for his sleepwear business to mitigate homelessness.

Jamie Green Founder, One Night Stand, Australia

The Importance of Innovation in Fulfilling A Need

Kerk Kee is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication and the Founder of the Organizing, Communication, & Technology Group (www.octgroup.org) at Chapman University, California. He is an international speaker for innovation and has given talks at the Oxford Internet Institute in the UK, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and Michigan State University in the US.

Kerk Kee Assistant Professor, Chapman University)

Building Your Brand For Greater Impact

How do you convince partners and investors to buy into your mission-driven organisation and what is the groundwork needed to achieve this feat? Founder of the renowned Gawad Kalinga spills the beans on how to win in poverty alleviation.

Antonio "Tony" Meloto Founder, Gawad Kalinga