We bring together key players across public, private, NGOs, academia and impact investors to discuss significant issues and collaborate on innovative ideas to inspire change. A great opportunity for business and societal conversation to collide in a very conducive environment. Let’s stand together in building sustainable social enterprises and achieve greater social impact.


Social Entrepreneurs
Social Change Enthusiasts
Caffeine Fix: Staying High When Things Get Low

Rebecca sets the tone for social entrepreneurs by addressing the critical need for the right mindset and psyche to drive a social enterprise. Check out how she and her team navigate the inevitable challenges in achieving their goals and vision in alleviating youth homelessness.

Rebecca Scott Co-Founder & CEO, Streat, Australia

Turning Social Responsibility Into An Asset.

Take away lessons from a UK social enterprise expert. Your country's economy needs you to solve social problems through entrepreneurial solutions. That's a big challenge but it’s also the reason why you are in business, and can be used to attract talent, partnerships and customers!! Explore your 'HOW' and 'WHY' in this interactive workshop.

Tobias Gould Director, Jerry Bottle UK

Ladies First: Journey of the African Passion

Kad Africa is making significant improvement in the economic and social well-being of out-of-school girls, leveraging on the power of innovative farming, marketing and communications. Make time to learn how to craft a compelling package to win the trust of your stakeholders and why Eric is passionate about the fruits of this labour.

Eric Kaduru Founder & CEO, Kad Africa, Uganda

Sleeping Your Way to the Top!

Your team and those you partner with can make or break your SE. Jamie educates you on how to learn from failure and create shared valued partnerships and collaborations for sustained progress, just as he's done for his sleepwear business to mitigate homelessness.

Jamie Green Founder: One Night Stand, Australia

Making Technology Work Off the Grid and Offline

They innovated technology to bring education to communities in the remotest of areas that have no access to it. This duo will demonstrate how technology can be used offline to provide an effective learning platform.

Kagnarith Chea & Marn Ravy Co-Founders, Edemy, Cambodia

Changing Coordinates: The Need to Pivot

Selling trendy water bottles and funding water projects around the world may seem pretty hip, but it hasn't always been that way for the guys at Jerry Bottle. They have come together from very different backgrounds to collaborate using ‘business model generation’ to find new ways of reaching customers. This experiential learning in pivoting is something you shouldn't miss.

Harun Master & Tobias Gould Co-Founders, Jerry Bottle UK

Building​ Your Brand For Greater Impact

How do you convince partners and investors to buy into your mission-driven organisation and what is the groundwork needed to achieve this feat? Founder of the renowned Gawad Kalinga spills the beans on how to win in poverty alleviation.

Tony Meloto Founder, Gawad Kalinga

To Measure, Or Not To Measure: Impact

Understanding how your social enterprise is doing, and how it can do better, is crucial information for your funders; but how important is the impact measure for them when evaluating when and how much to give next? The key to success in Social Entrepreneurship is the Social Entrepreneur himself/herself. Hear directly from the impact investor.

Shirley Maya Tan Social Impact Investor

Against All Odds: Taking the Unconventional Path to Impact

Deserted by his family and ostracised by his village, Arunachalam went on to re-engineer the sanitary napkin machine and eventually made Time Magazine's list of 100 Most Influential People in 2014 for rehabilitating the well-being and economies of the women in India. Find out how he multiplied impact without commercialising the business.

Arunachalam Muruganantham Founder, Jayaashree Industries India