MaGIC Startup Academy Launch

15 – 19 OCTOBER  2014

WED 8.00 AM – SUN 5.00 PM


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We have TWO tracks for you

Beginners Track

This is ideal for those who are in the Discover and Validate stages of the Startup Life Cycle.

Advanced Track

If you are in the stage of Product Development or beyond, then this track is tailored for you.

Who you will see at the event?



Some of the highlighted speakers that will be sharing their insights on making your startup successful

Cezary Pietrzak

Owner – Cezary & Co

Cezary Pietrzak is a tech entrepreneur, creative marketer and growth strategist. He currently runs Cezary & Co, a consultancy that helps startups grow through a mix of human-centric insights and quantitative analysis. He founded travel startup Wanderfly and it was later acquired by travel giant, TripAdvisor.

Neil Patel

Founder – Crazyegg and Kissmetric

Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. More recently Patel has been known for his contributions to the growth hacking movement and published the Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking.

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder & CEO – Mindvalley

Leading a dedicated team of over 100+ brilliant minds, Vishen is focused on building disruptive systems that will accelerate his vision for Mindvalley and ultimately, the world – by pushing humanity forward through innovation in education. 


Learn from world class instructors of different calibre and strengths

Grace Sai

Director of Social Entrepreneurship – MaGIC

Grace is the Director of Social Entrepreneurship at MaGIC, the Malaysian national agency for entrepreneurship; CEO and Co-Founder of The Hub Singapore, Singapore’s largest community and incubator for purpose-driven entrepreneurs; and Head, Singapore of Toniic LLC, a global impact investor network. An ecosystem builder, she is a node for social entrepreneurship in Asia and speaks widely on that topic.

Yong Fook

Founder – Beatrixapp

Jon Yongfook is a tech entrepreneur. Previously he was the founder of a popular recipe portal (acquired) and CTO at one of Japan’s biggest ecommerce sites. He currently runs a SaaS company and is a mentor at Singapore Management University and True Incube Thailand, a 500 Startups Partner.

Sajid Reshamwala

Lead Product Designer - Jut, Inc.

Sajid is a product designer with a focus on user centered design and humanizing technology. He spends his after hours teaching a brilliant group of students at the Academy of Arts and trying to find people that’ll work on fun side projects with him. Before joining Jut, Sajid was a UX designer and design researcher at Yahoo! and studied design research and interaction design at the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago.


Some key people in the industry that could help boost your startup to the next level

Kin Wai

CEO – Fatfish Internet Group Ltd

A well recognised serial tech-entrepreneur in Southeast Asia, Mr Lau founded his first tech company when he was 23. Since then, Mr Lau has taken 3 tech companies public.

Anne Cheng

Astrogirl – Start Up Nation

Anne Cheng is Astrogirl of Start Up Nation. She assists organizations to lay foundation for growth and expansion. For the past 5 years, Anne has been actively involved in technology investments and start-up community.

Brian Wee

Partner – 8Capita

Currently a partner at 8Capita, Brian Wee dreams real estate and is a techie at heart. He co-founded JOMsocial with Azrul, which was followed by his stints in Equity Research and Sales in Citibank and Morgan Stanley.


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Jeffrey Char

Serial Entrepreneur – JSeed

Jeff, is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on social and tech ventures. He’s CEO of J-Seed Ventures, a Tokyo based venture incubator and he’s also chief mentor at Venture Generation. Originally from Hawaii, Jeff has been a long-term resident of Japan. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Jeff worked as an attorney and investment banker. He’s a Berkeley and Harvard Law School alumnus.

Dinesh Nair

Director Developer Experience & Evangelism – Microsoft

Dinesh leads Microsoft’s effort to introduce, evangelize and show how Microsoft innovations can positively transform Malaysian education, businesses and lives. He is leading the charge in local technology innovation and application development as the Malaysian ICT landscape evolves towards cloud computing, with an increased emphasis of new devices and form factors like smartphones and tablets. Dinesh has spent over 20 years in the ICT industry, from being an entrepreneur to working in both the private and government sectors: Open Source software development and integration; Internet and cyber security policy, planning and deployment.

Rodrigo Martinez

Succesful Serial Entrepreneur

Rodrigo Martinez is a Chilean internet pioneer that founded and successfully sold two of the world’s largest tech startups: STI Internet (Brazil’s 4th largest ISP) and hpG (largest free web hosting service in portuguese) without a single dollar from investors. In Brazil, Rodrigo was honored with iBest’s TOP3 New Entrepreneur and TOP3 Internet Entrepreneur awards. A highly sought after mentor, speaker, judge and strategic advisor across the different entrepreneurial ecosystems in Southeast Asia and beyond, he is passionate about fostering successful entrepreneurship wherever he goes.

The Workshops

Product Day

DAY ONE, you will learn about developing your business model and gain insight into various aspects of product development such as product U/X, management, and techniques used.

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Marketing Day

DAY TWO will be focusing on your product sales growth and marketing using proven tactics. There is no growth if there is no measure, hence we will share with you methods of analysis and metrics to be used.

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Investor Day

DAY THREE, it is all about raising funds. We will have founders sharing their experiences with you on methods to raise funds, negotiating and structuring a deal, and the obstacles they faced.

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Culture Day

DAY FOUR teaches you how to make an awesome startup. It is not just about products and business models. We will share with you on developing a phenomenal team, adapting a positive culture, and how to scale your operations while maintaining productivity.

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MSA Career Fair

DAY FIVE will be the MSA Career Fair. It is open to the public and focuses on connecting startups with entrepreneurially minded candidates looking for internship, part time, and full time job opportunities.

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Office Hours

“Office Hours” is specially designed to connect you with mentors that have specific skillsets pertaining to your needs to grow your startup to the next level. The mentors have allocated their lunch time for “Office Hours”, so do remember to book your slot in advance to bounce your ideas, learn more about the business and get valuable advices.

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Advanced Track
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