Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this event for me?
This Launch is a condensed version of what’s to come in MaGIC Academy. We have organized a series of skill & knowledge sharing workshops conducted by experts in their fields of product development, marketing, fundraising, human resources, and development of startup culture. If you are looking for like minded individuals and professionals to impart their experiences and knowledges, this will be the right event for you!
How do I register?

You can register to participate in our beginners or advanced tracks by following this link here.

Why do I need to pay?

The ticket sales are mostly used to cover meals, drinks, and snacks provided during the Launch. To maintain the high value of the organized workshops, we rely much on Government and Company sponsorships to keep the price of the ticket low.


What does Beginners and Advanced Track mean?

The Beginners track is ideal for those in the Discover and Validate stages of the Startup Life Cycle. Meanwhile if you are in the stage of Product Development or beyond, then the Advanced Track is tailored for you.

Why is this event available for Malaysia based participants only?

Due to limited tickets availability, priority will be given to Malaysia based participants only. So if you are a Malaysia based participant, do take this opportunity to reap the benefits of MaGIC Startup Academy series of world-class workshops at a fraction of its actual price.

Before the MaGIC Startup Academy Launch:

If I don’t have a credit card, can I do a bank transfer?

Yes you can. For your convenience, please follow the instructions stated below.


All cheque must be crossed A/C Payee Only and made payable to account name below or remit to:

Account Name: Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre Berhad  

Bank                   : Malayan Banking Berhad

Branch               : Ground Floor, Block C,

 Kompleks Pejabat Damansara,

 Jalan Semantan, Damansara Heights,

 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Account no      : 564324603436

When making payment by direct deposit, please either:

- Fax a copy of the remittance slip to the Finance & Treasury Department of MaGIC Berhad at 03-8318 1998

- Email the details of the payment with your FULL NAME, IDENTIFICATION NUMBER and EMAIL to

Can I purchase the tickets on the day itself?

We have daily passes allocated if you are interested on purchasing the tickets on the day itself

Will there be free transport to the venue?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide transportation to the venue but please do refer to “Getting Here” for more information.

Where can I stay during these FIVE awesome days?

For those coming from outstation and across the seas or even the locals looking to chill at Cyberjaya during these 5 awesome days, we have excellent news for you. TUNE Hotels in support of MaGIC Startup Academy Launch, created a special PROMO code for participants wishing to stay with them during the event.

The MaGIC code: MAGIC99

Please refer to the attached on how to redeem this AWESOME deal:

MAGIC Booking Guide-page-001

MAGIC Booking Guide-page-002

MAGIC Booking Guide-page-003

MAGIC Booking Guide-page-004

What should I bring?

- Laptops

- Power Cords (for phones and laptops)

- Notebooks if you have a need to scribble

- Business Cards or Calling Cards, there are going to be tons of networking and mingling!

- Camera, pictures with your favorite instructors!


The Advanced Track has simultaneous workshops that run at the same time. Can I attend any of the workshops?

There are limited seats in each workshop. MaGIC will contact you 1 week before the MSA Launch for you to register and confirm which workshop you are interested in.


If I have the Advanced Track pass, can I participate in the Beginners Track?

Yes you can! However, if you have the Beginners Track pass, you are not allowed to participate in the Advanced Track segment. 

How can I join the career fair as a participant?

Everyone is welcome to join the career fair, just sign up at this link:


Refund Policy

Can I get a refund?

No refunds will be processed so we strongly suggest if you cannot make it, pass it to someone else!

Is my pass transferable?

We understand that due to unforeseen circumstances, you might not be able to make it to all 5 days. Please do not waste your pass and do transfer it to your family member, friend or colleague. All passes are transferable.