Workshop Schedules

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Product Day

DAY ONE, you will learn about developing your business model and gain insight into various aspects of product development such as product U/X, management, and techniques used.

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Marketing Day

DAY TWO will be focusing on your product sales growth and marketing using proven tactics. There is no growth if there is no measure, hence we will share with you methods of analysis and metrics to be used.

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Investor Day

DAY THREE, it is all about raising funds. We will have founders sharing their experiences with you on methods to raise funds, negotiating and structuring a deal, and the obstacles they faced.

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Culture Day

DAY FOUR teaches you how to make an awesome startup. It is not just about products and business models. We will share with you on developing a phenomenal team, adapting a positive culture, and how to scale your operations while maintaining productivity.

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MSA Career Fair

DAY FIVE will be the MSA Career Fair. It is open to the public and focuses on connecting startups with entrepreneurially minded candidates looking for internship, part time, and full time job opportunities.

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