Innovation Catalyst

Posted on May 12, 2017 |  

About the Event

Innovation takes place throughout the entire value chain – from business model to channel partnerships (not only from technology, product or design space).

It is important for individuals to understand what business innovation is, along with the process and creative thinking tools needed to generate and execute new breakthrough ideas for their organization.

Join this session to get 2 hour sneak preview of 2 day program on innovation.

About MaGIC Preview Session

MaGIC Preview session is a 2 hour workshop that summarises the actual content and will give participants an essence of the real workshop/course. One of the key objective of these  Preview sessions is to evaluate all training vendors on board as affiliates and participants play a key role in providing evaluation on respective vendors to ensure that the MAfP will have quality affiliates that deliver quality content consistently.

Note: Participants who attend a minimum of FIVE preview sessions are entitled to 10% discount for our upcoming MA Symposium 2017 happening this October!

Our Speaker

Dr. Cynthia Ee has been appointed as a Senior Adjunct Lecturer with HELP University and Wawasan Open University. She is also a certified trainer, coach and facilitator in Innovation Management and Appreciative Inquiry.

 Brief Agenda

1:30PM – 1:50PM : Registration

2:00PM – 3:45PM : Innovation Catalyst

3:45PM – 4:00PM : Q&A, End

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